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SEO Is No Longer a Standalone Area of Your Business

Monday, September 4th, 2017

Traditionally, search engine optimisation was the remit of the technical web team and activity was concentrated around tagging and HTML elements of the site. Whilst this is still important, the algorithms that search engines operate have become much more complex and businesses wanting to achieve the greatest return on investment must treat SEO as an integrated discipline.

If you don’t offer quality content, relevant to the reader, your visibility in rankings will be non-existent, so the website copywriter and wider marketing team must have appropriate insight. Social media signals are also increasingly important to search bots, so you must be sure to educate the people managing your social network profiles so they know how to correctly optimise posts. Speak to your PR team too about how they can help to create valuable links to your website from relevant sources and ensure they are creating internal links from your on-site blog.

In my experience, people across a range of departments say they understand search and what they need to do, but they don’t deliver when it comes to planning and undertaking optimised activity. The technical aspects can be a barrier as can confidence in their actions, but more often than not it’s just a matter of them not being able to put the required thought and effort in. This is because, understandably, it’s not really within their remit and therefore not their priority. Therefore, it’s crucial to get buy in from all department heads and use a top down approach so that SEO becomes a priority for everyone that has the ability to add value.

I would suggest a single team or individual continues to manage your efforts from a central position, but almost all departments should be educated on the benefits, and pitfalls, of SEO. One way of tackling this is to create a training manual that first introduces the concept of SEO and best practice in a basic way and then details your own strategy, keywords and processes. This should be supplemented with the exact requirements placed on teams or individuals along with instances. For example, the social media team must schedule a post every two weeks that incorporates a keyword and a link and they must then monitor the engagement, click through numbers and keyword position in the local search engine. Or, the PR team must request a link to the website from every piece of online coverage, aiming for a certain percentage success rate.

Sharing case studies is a great way of motivating people, so try to explain activity in terms of what another brand has achieved. This can also be positioned in relation to your own objectives and what the benefit could be if these are reached; you want to rank on the first page of Google for a certain term and because X number of people search for this term on a monthly basis, you hope to see an increase in traffic of X. Such clear targets and messages of big ambition could give an early boost your integrated SEO activities.

Using your own reporting data is also key. Share the real-life benefits achieved, including positions in search engine rankings, visitors to the site, telephone enquiries that originated with a search and sales conversions. Most people like to know that they are making a difference so it’s important to use such insight to continue motivating. What I also find helpful is to map activities against others, rankings and traffic data in order to find correlations. Using the annotation function in Google Analytics is one helpful way to record activity, but monitoring and reporting should be considered from the start and specified at the strategy stage.

Whether the business is relatively small, meaning some people look after more than one area, or it’s a global corporation that utilises significant agency support, an integrated SEO approach is the same. Buy-in from the whole company, central strategic thought, clear departmental requirements and organisation is required. The resource required is far from small, but the returns gained by being at the top of search engine results pages can be enormous.

How PinPay Became a Game Changer in Lebanon’s Digital Landscape

Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

Mobile technologies have changed the business landscape forever. They made product information ubiquitous and have pushed marketing experiences even further. Driven by faster connectivity and better-designed online spaces, mobile devices empower customers by creating digital environments accessible around the clock. Customers can now stream a movie, receive breaking news alerts, and settle banking bills through their smartphones. Given this unprecedented shift in market dynamics, Lebanese consumers have no choice but to embrace mobile commerce. Back in 2011, the Lebanese m-commerce market witnessed the launch of its first mobile payment app, PinPay. Since then, the app has established itself as the leader of its industry and has even paved the way to other similar services. But, how did PinPay eventually come to revolutionize m-commerce in Lebanon in a time where the mobile market is suffering from bad quality of network coverage, data and Internet services?

Hurdles to Mobile Penetration

Lebanon experienced an impressive growth in terms of ICT development in 2012. Following the substantial investments made back then, the Ministry of Telecommunication’s policy had plans to transform the country into a regional digital hub. Four years later, the mobile market remains far from performing at full capacity.

The Internet connection is evidently slow. Internet speed in Lebanon ranks 125th globally with an average of 3.19 Mb/s. That’s attributable to the limitations of the infrastructure currently in use, which is mostly made of copper allowing for a maximum speed of only 8 Mb/s. While Lebanese Internet users wait patiently for the $55 million fiber optic network to be switched on, Lebanon’s Global Competitiveness suffers, with inadequate infrastructure being one of the top problematic factors for doing business.

According to a report by BlomInvest Bank, the cost of accessing the Internet and the speed of the Internet are hurdles to the e-commerce industry in Lebanon. Though the Telecommunication Ministry has planned to slash prices of DSL services and increase service speed in June 2014, some analysts note that the cost of accessing the Internet in Lebanon is four times higher than other countries abroad.

Moreover, some 300 villages in the outskirts of Keserwan, Batroun, Nabatiyeh, and Bekaa still lack access. Rural areas in particular have experienced constant cuts to telecommunications services due to poor infrastructure, harsh weather conditions and electricity cuts.

These factors combined, resulted in a poor mobile penetration in Lebanon. It recorded a rate of 93% as opposed to the neighboring countries’ record of 133% (Telecommunications Regulatory Authority 2014).

Against All Odds

Despite these obstacles, PinPay, a mobile payment and bill aggregation platform in Lebanon thrived. It was able to successfully position itself as the most convenient tool to purchase services and pay different types of bills through its mobile application. Just think of the growing numbers of dual-career couples, single parents and elderly households with various resource constraints. This convenience mitigates to some extent, the relatively high mobile data fees and other costs associated with Internet access. Who would want to disrupt their work, search for a parking space and stand in a checkout line with a long queue to pay a bill?

PinPay has partnered with Bank Audi and Bank Med (5 more in the pipeline), along with the telecom duopolists, transportation services, media companies, educational institutions, along with many other professional services. According to PinPay’s CEO, Mr. Omar Badr, the scope of services gives PinPay more exposure and helps it overcome the challenges posed by user awareness and acceptance of mobile payment. Last year in August, PinPay had a total of 55,000 users, 40,000 of them are regularly active.

From transportation to grocery shopping, PinPay is designed to provide customers with seamless m-commerce experience anytime and anywhere.

Given its leading market position, high growth potential and devoted following of clients, PinPay attracted investments from Middle East Venture Partners, Audi Bank and Bankmed. Most recently, Fransabank announced that it would invest $2.5 million in PinPay, and stop operating the Simba mobile payment application. Fransabank’s $2.5 million stake will increase PinPay’s capital to LBP 13 billion ($8.6 million).

Business News said that five additional banks would join PinPay’s payment service before the end of 2016, further establishing the brand as the leading mobile payment gateway in Lebanon and the region.

Lebanon’s Online Users

According to the Pew Research Center (2015), 92% of Internet users or smartphone owners in Lebanon access the Internet on a daily basis, constituting the highest percentage among countries worldwide.

Age, education and income are three factors contributing to m-commerce readiness in Lebanon. The same source revealed that 90% of Lebanese who access the Internet occasionally or own a smartphone have a high education while only 34% of those with less education do so. Additionally, 92% of occasional Internet surfers or smartphone owners have a high income as opposed to 41% of their lower income peers. Finally, 89% of young people, particularly those between 18 and 34 years of age access the Internet occasionally or have a smartphone, while only 50% of users older than 35 do so.

These findings ring true with other insights published by State of Payments, which revealed that 35% of Lebanese m-commerce adopters are between 18 and 35. Interestingly, two other age groups recorded high adoption rates. Users between 36 and 40 years, along with those older than 51 years recorded 25% each. Additionally, respondents with high income recorded the highest m-commerce adoption rate.

Kicking Off a Cashless Trend

PinPay has undoubtedly played a role in shaping Lebanon’s digital landscape. The room for growth is exponential. Although the infrastructure is still underdeveloped in many areas, mobile has become an integral part of transacting online for many Lebanese users.

How to Find a Top Internet Startup Business

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

A top internet startup business includes abounding abundant features. Some key appearance to attending for cover an accomplished business system; a acceptable advantage plan; all-encompassing training; a accessible and affable community; and quality, in appeal products. These appearance are ascendant to your success.

The business arrangement should be an simple to understand, footfall by footfall process, that produces a top amount of success. Acquisition a top internet startup business with a business plan that is simple to follow.You should accept basal and bound difficulties in commutual the associated tasks. There are abounding business affairs out there, that are just too complicated and confusing. Those business affairs aftermath failure, not success. Attending for a business plan that includes tasks you can realistically accomplish.

The startup business should cover a awful advantageous advantage plan. This is apparently one of the a lot of important aspects of an internet business.The advantage plan needs to accumulate in banking allowances as your efforts increase.You charge to be abundantly compensated for every activity that you take. The added accomplishment you put into it, the added banking allowances you should receive. Acquisition a business that pays you what you’re worth.

A able-bodied angled and assorted training affairs will access your likelihood of success. An all-encompassing and in abyss training activity can not alone acknowledgment a lot of of your questions, but can aswell decidedly abatement the breadth of your acquirements curve. The after-effects are greater success, in a beneath aeon of time. Personally, I am awful motivated by acquirements new things. Attending for a training affairs that inspires, motivates and educates you, tremendously.

A top internet startup business contains a abutting affiliate aggregation of able and accessible professionals. Not just an upline with a vested absorption in your success, but.a association that expresses affable affair for your business issues. Attending for a accumulation of humans that you can await on for beeline advanced answers and prompt, compassionate insights. There’s annihilation added difficult than aggravating to accomplish success, on your own. Acquisition a business association of friends.

Your internet business should cover articles that are able-bodied approved afterwards both now and in the future. Offering quality, in appeal products, with a continued appellation application, anon furnishings the akin and sustainability of your success. There is no approaching or abiding success in hit and run, inferior products. Attending for articles that you want, charge and like.

Finding a top internet startup business can be difficult. It took me years to acquisition a startup business that fulfills every aspect of the abrupt outline, above. You can abide to analysis relentlessly and still appear up short. Or, you can artlessly bang on the hotlink in my signature book and analysis it out for yourself. I achievement this outline has helped you.

This commodity was aggregate by William Botelho, a Successful Master Marketer, Progressive Aggregation Leader and Constructive Internet Business Coach Focused on Enriching Others Utilizing Technical Education, Open Communication and Personal Interaction.

The Top 5 Resources for Touring Bands With Wireless Internet

Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

Whether hitting the alley as a assassin gun or assuredly accepting to go out and play added shows with a abiding group, getting in a bandage that gets to go on bout can be as fun as it can be grueling. And for those who aren’t alone demography a weekend jaunt, the adventitious to analyze the assorted options of arena reside is one absolutely account taking, abnormally if it can beggarly authoritative a able lot added money than arena to the aforementioned crowds aback home or aggravating to corpuscle CDs on the web to humans who accept never heard one’s music. The alone agitation is that sometimes, first-timers who aren’t able with getting out there accomplish mistakes that end up causing the bandage trouble, and sometimes, those mistakes can even advance to breaking up too soon.

Of course, it’s simple to abstain these pitfalls, and to accomplish the absolute touring acquaintance agreeable and airy for all involved. And in a added active world, those who are out on bout can yield advantage of the net to get all sorts of things able that were appreciably added difficult aback in the day. Here are the top 5 assets for bands with wireless internet, advised to accomplish the cruise a success rather than a failure.

#1 – This is a abundant way to get about accepting to pay for auberge apartment for crashing, and a accurate above addition to crimper up in the van with three or four added evil-smelling people. With Couchsurfing, there are humans accommodating to accessible their homes to strangers, accouterment acumen into a bounded association while aswell not charging for a abode to sleep. And for bands, who can be affectionate abundant to do some affable and aswell just be apparent about a town, there’s an added cull to the association angle. It’s absolutely account searching into, abnormally for bands with beneath associates and abandoned artists.

#2 – Craigslist: Whether it’s convalescent baseborn gear, addition out if anyone fell in adulation with the bass amateur via Missed Connections, or artlessly blockage entertained, the actuality is that Craigslist has consistently been a abundant resource. Even bigger for those groups who acquisition themselves with assorted shows in a individual city, and ability charge to attending for a acting allowance to allotment for a few canicule or a week.

#3 – Bandcamp: For those who wish a abode that humans can accept to their music calmly online with abundant graphics, this is the best. Bands out on bout can use WiMax to accumulate their Bandcamp profiles up to date with aggregate from recordings from soundchecks to bout affidavit advised to absorb fans. And it’s aswell a abundant way to anon chase up with anyone who ability accept apparent a appearance and absitively to book the accumulation about else, or at atomic aces up a CD.

#4 – Facebook: This is one of the amount one agency that bands acquaint with their fanbase, and getting abiding to be active about befitting things up to date is a abundant way to use WiMax while on the road. Throw up photos anon afterwards they happen, after even accepting to go into Facebook, acknowledgment to the actuality that Flickr and iPhoto are now integrated. It’s aswell addition abundant way to acreage requests for shows and CDs and merch.

#5 – The bounded bulletin lath or Facebook accumulation in any new town: Because advance is a actuality of life, and getting able to acquisition a area online area humans are in fact absorbed in audition that there’s traveling to be a abundant hip-hop duo or cream bedrock accumulation ability beggarly the adventitious to accept added humans at the show. And added humans at the appearance agency added cash, a added agreeable experience, and a bigger time for all involved.